Since I don't know everything about anything, I walk, I read, I travel, I write, I contemplate to help me understand more about why I am here in this so called universe.
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"You should kiss the ground you walk on if you were born in this country— take it from an old man who once had to wear the Star of David on his shirt. There’s a safety to living in such a diverse place. It’s much more difficult to brainwash a population that is composed of so many different nationalities and so many different viewpoints."



We live in an age where everyone has a camera on them one way or another and information is spread around the globe at the speed of light and the degree at which we apply and regard security is at an all time high….

…. and somehow a two hundred feet long, three hundred thousand pound aircraft carrying two hundred and thirty-nine souls has completely vanished.

Our tiny blue marble has become frighteningly huge in the worst way possible

The good thing of being home! Terakhir kali merayakan bersama 5 tahun lalu. Happy birthday, our hero! I will put nothing but smile on your face. Stay strong and fabulous.

Danau, pantai, pulau, hutan, dan puncak gegunungan. Menanam kebaikan, menuai pengetahuan. Tertawa, menertawakan, ditertawai, menangis, patah, malu, hingga menggigil kesakitan. Menjadi teman, mendapatkan teman, kehilangan teman. Hampir enam tahun perantauan. Takdirku di sini sudah kuselesaikan.
Saatnya mencari perantauan lain.
Tak pernah ada pertempuran. Tapi, aku berkali-kali kalah.
Buta nada, buta tanda. Gampang percaya, suka bilang “Iya!”.
Target ditipu-tipu nomor satu.


There’s no Sochi Winter Olympics medal for this event. This girl’s walk to school in Western Mongolia at the foot of the Altai Mountains is several kilometres long and in freezing temperatures. 

We support the right of all children to learn - even in the remotest corners of the world. 






That moment in your childhood when you realize that Diagon Alley is just the word diagonally….


And the Mirror of Erised is just the word desire backwards.

Didn’t even realize. Does that mean Knockturn Alley is nocturnally (dark/night)?

Yes, and Grimmauld Place is a play on grim old place. 


And of course we should give standing applause to our beloved Indonesian translator of Harry Potter, the late Mrs. Listiana Srisianti, who brilliantly came up with Cermin Tarsah, 

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"She helps me when I’m having problems at school."
"What’s one thing she’s helped you with?"
"Well, she’s always telling me to stand up for myself."
"How do you stand up for yourself?"
"If somebody is saying mean things to you, you’re supposed to tell them how it makes you feel."